Accept​/​Except Yourself


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released June 17, 2013



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Track Name: The Aftermath
I have been here for a year, and I
have yet to befriend anyone new.
I swear that's true.
Awake, but dead I seem to be as
I progress through everything I do.
I swear that's true.
The aftermath proves failure, for I've
lost all touch with everything I knew.
I swear that's true.
I've been here for a year, but I
have yet to get my mind off of you.

I have yet to get my mind off of you.
Track Name: Block the Sun
I've planted a seed
in the ground beneath my feet
with the hopes that it would grow
to be
enough to block the sun, and
provide shade for everyone
in this dreadful summer heat.

I lost all I had,
but it doesn't feel so bad.
I'll learn from all of my mistakes
and use them to recreate myself
into the man I want to be,
not just some boy lost in everything.
I refuse to be evergreen.
I will rebuild with what's left of me.

I constantly dwell on the past,
and I hate myself for that,

but it's not too late to remake myself.
Track Name: Certainly Certainty
Have you ever felt the presence
of ghosts in your bedroom?
Have you ever felt the absence
of pain in a flesh wound?
Do you ever find yourself in a
bathroom stall regretting everything
you've put yourself through?
Because I do.
Have you ever woken up to a
monster in your bed?
Have you ever woken up under
covers covered in sweat?
Do you ever find yourself
finding convenient exits
from every commitment

because you're scared?
Yeah, you're scared of leaving home.
It's okay
because I'm equally afraid.
I know certainly certainty's
got the best of me,
but I would much appreciate you
sparing your company,
for I have loved many,
but I've left plenty more behind.

I swear I'm getting there.
It just takes time.

I swear I'm getting there,

but I can't accept myself
for who I've become, so
I except myself from
reaching out to anyone.

I know we've lived, we've learned,
we've grown, but the inputs of
others still rise over my own.
Track Name: Nothing Left
I have nothing left to share.
The scars beneath my hair are bound
to show themselves one day
when my knees grow weak
and my memories fade away,
so when there's no one else's soul
to take but mine, I'll be just fine.
Yeah, I will be just fine.

Could you see yourself with me?
I'd be lying if I said I didn't
wish that we could be
friends again or anything at all,
so when there's no one else's
call to take but mine, I'll still be
on the other line.

I have nothing left to share.
I've given you my best I swear.